Photocopiers – Maintenance Service

Canon Photocopier Repair

Photocopiers are like anything mechanical, they need regular servicing and inspecting. We offer inclusive maintenance contracts that include all call-outs and labour charges, as well as consumables, toners and parts. This is done on a cost-per-page basis and depending on the equipment and print volume, can be as little as £0.0025 per page.

If inclusive photocopier maintenance contracts are not appealing, then we offer a time and materials option. You pay as and when a service is required, be it just regular routine maintenance, or faults with error codes or jamming, we are able to assist. You may have quality issues, where just a clean and vacuum out of the machine is required. All this can be provided with a simple one-off call out fee per visit. We don’t charge to return to fit any parts required, just the cost of the parts.