Printer & Copier Rentals

We offer internal rentals on secondhand equipment for a minimum of 12 months and then thereafter onto a rolling 30 day hire. This rental is offered and controlled by Ontrac Digital Limited, and the device remains the property of Ontrac Digital Limited at all times. The rental is subject to a service contract being taken out to maintain the machine in a good working order to our standards.

We also can supply machines on a cost per page only basis with a minimum usage charge of £60.00 per month. This contract includes the machine, all parts, labour, call outs and toners.

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Ontrac Digital | Photocopier repairs
Ontrac Digital | Photocopier Repairs ineo+ 250i

Equipment Lease

For new machines we offer a finance lease package with our funding partner Grenke. Here the equipment is owned by the lease company Grenke and is typically financed over 3 or 5 year minimum term periods.

These options are for the finance of the equipment only and do not include any service aspect, other than the 12 month manufacturers warranty on non-consumable parts.

We will supply refurbished Develop or Konica branded machines – Read more

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