Konica Printer Repairs

Konica Minolta Printer Being Repaired

Konica Minolta has established itself now as a market leader in the MFD area with the Develop brand name being 100% owned by KM.

The likes of Olivetti, rebrand Konica products as well, using their own distinctive logo under their MF range. Past distributors, such as Oce, have also done this, although these distributor names are not owned by Konica Minolta themselves. Konica Minolta’s leading product range is the Bizhub range. In the Develop, its equivalent is the ineo range. Ontrac Digital Ltd has been a Develop dealer since the incorporation of Ontrac back in 2006. In our opinion, the ineo range is the best product on the market with the ineo+224e and ineo+258 our most popular models. These have now been replaced with the ineo+250i. Although the Bizhub / ineo range is a reliable product, we still pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive service package, should the machines give faults. From error codes to marks on the prints, Ontrac Digital can cover your problems with a call out or service.